In 1985, after over forty years of dedication to the restaurant sector, the Malaggi-Bertoletti family decided to expand their operations by purchasing Palazzo Quaranta, a late XVIII century residence overlooking Isola Dovarese’s impressive square. Three years of attentive retrieval and restoration of the original architecture between 2006 and 2009 transformed the ancient palace in a welcoming hotel-restaurant. The frescos of its halls still emanate the irresistible charm of the building’s long history. The reinvented facility was designed to have a low environmental footprint, thanks to the recent installation of solar panels and heat pumps for air conditioning.

The secrets of our passion for food, passed down from father to son, can be tasted every day at Palazzo Quaranta. These culinary traditions remain in Molino Vecchio’s kitchen, left in the expert hands of Chef Maurizio and his staff. Now, whereas Palazzo Quaranta was established as an elegant background for lodging and dining, Molino Vecchio continues its path as an ideal location for weddings and big events.