Molino Vecchio rises in the heart of the river park, surrounded by glorious trees, and caressed by the peaceful flow of the Oglio. The original structure of the ancient mill contributes to make our restaurant even more suggestive.

Molino Vecchio stands out for the perfect harmony between the building and the nature around it: come admire its extensive garden and the charming sights it offers.

Spacious and well-structured halls, light effects, impressive arches, as well as careful attention to details make the ambience unique. Elegance and sobriety make Molino Vecchio an ideal location to celebrate your special moments, from the most sumptuous banquet to the most intimate family dinner.

The facility also offers a large private parking.



The main dining hall, on the ground floor, is the most spacious in the building. It provides a welcoming atmosphere thanks to the warmth of the brick walls, the soft curtains, the sophisticated carpets, and the ancient furniture. The large windows keep the strong link with the nature outside, offering beautiful views on the garden and the river.

The elegance and warmth of our reception continue upstairs in the second dining hall, with its brick arches and its romantic wooden mezzanine.

Our dining halls are the perfect place for big events.



The fireplace hall is a smaller space, ideal for your most intimate occasions. The hall is special for the impressive fireplace at the center, which makes the atmosphere even more welcoming, especially in the colder season.



Our terrace opens directly on the river, offering a uniquely charming spot, also thanks to the beautiful colors of the climbing plants all around it. Every season has its magic. The rich green leaves and the sweet smell of the jasmine flowers in the Spring and the Summer will make you feel like in an enchanted forest. The warm colors of Fall foliage will make you forget about the colder breeze. The terrace becomes the perfect location for happy hour or for the most important moment of your reception.



The magic atmosphere permeates the garden as well, making it the perfect spot to enjoy nature. The ancient trees, the moving sights, the hidden corners of the park, the sound of nature, the chant of cicadas in the long summer nights, and the slow flow of the river will captivate your senses. Intimate enough for smaller groups and large enough for bigger gatherings, the garden is suitable for most events.